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xDIABOx 91

xDIABOx has a newer deck inspired by this one: Prince Good Stuff

Mono deck with a splash.

I've started this deck to exploit the new cool Prince Imrahil ability. I've seen several folks going the Silvan way, but that makes the engine cluncky because Prince Imrahil would need to be an Elf-friend and that requires setup.

This deck is suitable for defending and killing but can work as a Solo deck too (as I play this game most of times).

The Prince himself has a nice suit of Traits: Gondor, Warrior and Noble. That would give several targets to his fetch ability, and some have their abilities on their own that can break the game.

I've paired him with Háma since I was planing a mono-tac deck and Háma can provide Feint and Thicket of Spears resurgence, that was my plan. I've tested them with Théoden for some boost but that proved a bit weak (and also very threat heavy). So I've traded him for Éowyn and that proved to be my best decision. 4 is just great in a mono-tac shell, -3 threat is also cool and her special action is just bonkers with a card like Trained for War for a final Questing countdown (or to kill some mean thing).

I've initially brewed a 30 allies deck, to provide me a no-fail chance when triggering the Prince. Then I had to cut a few of those to put some tools... and tools are Blade of Gondolin and Grappling Hook for Quest management. I've noticed this deck sucumbs to Location-clogging so I need ways to generate high or similar, and in conjunction with Trained for War these set of cards can help me with that. I also included Song of Travel and Will of the West because I had times I got 3x Beorn in my hand with no ways to put them on the deck. With this I can discard them with Háma and put them back on the deck with Will of the West. Not the optimal plan but it is what it is with the current cardpool.

I've also selected a set of cool Events to go with Háma, like Feint and Thicket of Spears but also several others to help me with particular issues.

Now, the important part of the deck, Allies (all of them to be fetched by the Prince)

Beorn, the killy-one! My go-to ally to kill something.

Boromir, can defend and attack on the same turn. Must have 3x!

Legolas, another 3 ally that can provide a card.

Grimbold, one copy to act as a forth Feint

Damrod, my Threat management... not the best since this deck doesn't want that many enemies on the staging area, but I can't find another one to go with (maybe trading him for Gandalf)

Warden of Healing, can provide some healing

Marksman of Lórien, great Warrior that can provide a theorical 5 by his own, can also be used to provide multiple kills when I have several 3 characters on board

Veteran of Nanduhirion, multi-purpose but only here for 3

These Allies are here to be played from the hand, mostly

Defender of Rammas, you all know what this guy can do

Soldier of Dol Amroth, my 2-for-1 guy if I want to drop a Blade or the Hook, also can be played through the Prince and provide a "free-of-charge" Feint

Envoy of Pelargir, it's here to give the Prince +1 resource.

I've also sideboarded several Allies that didn't made the cut but have cool abilities that can work.

This is the deck. Very resource-efficient, very killy, can also defend well. Problem is Location-clogging and low , with a base of 6 without any allies in play since Háma is used for enemy hunting.

I've beat The Massing at Osgiliath smoothly (well, losing Éowyn due to a shadowed Wolf was bad) and also proved is worth against Hill Trolls, so I'm satisfied for the rough cut right now and will proceed with its fine-tuning.


Nov 21, 2017 xDIABOx 91

One of the ideas of this deck was shafted due to the latest FAQ, so I'll try to update this deck with the latest cards and see what can be done.