Tale of Tree-núviel

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Deck Tech: Treebeard, Lord of the Eldar 6 5 1 1.0
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Sicaire 72

This deck is derived from Deck Tech: Treebeard, Lord of the Eldar. At that point I had a Fair and Perilous Elf-friend and I thought, Treebeard needs a ent story to tell so I included Tale of Tinúviel and as a Dunedain, of course, I chose the wanderer of many lands, Idraen.

At that point, I had a Dunedain, Ranger, Scout so she was the perfect match for Glorfindel, Noble and Warrior of the Noldor, to bring in the new cross-traits cards Well Warned to mitigate and Coney in a Trap to help with defense.

Obviously this is a fun deck and resources usage is a bit unaligned having to much cards and 2 heroes but it can hit like a truck and it tells a refreshing story of friendship between guardians of elder lore.