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Arrhias 138


I play this Deck and it's works very well and fun to play.

To play campagne I have change my deck because i can't play Strider and Vanish from Sight with the bonus heroes

I have think Théodred with to have too 4 quest and Elrond ready with Heir of Mardil

But i prefere Éowyn to have a Threat more low (27). She use to pay Gandalf and ally .

A good hand is :

  1. Steward of Gondor
  2. Vilya
  3. Heir of Mardil
  4. Ally (can pay to first round without Steward of Gondor
  5. Master of the Forge
  6. A Burning Brand

Master of the Forge to optimise to have the attachment. Because all attachment combo.

  1. play Vilya to have the first card of your deck (Gildor Inglorion is here to know this card, but you have 3/5 chance to have ally)
  2. play Steward of Gondor to have 2 ressource
  3. play Heir of Mardil to ready Elrond
  4. use capacity denethor to have fourth ressource
  5. pay 1 ally cost 4 max

You can use elrond to defend with A Burning Brand and Gondorian Shield 5 with no shadow card.

i put Sword-thain on ally to have more ressource or to pay Timely Aid.

Timely Aid can use only with Vilya because it is too expensive, (Gildor Inglorion if this card is in your hands). And usefull with Glorfindel or Erestor.

Sneak Attack is use of course for Gandalf or beorn, but not only i use this to use A Very Good Tale.

Don't forget combo heroes :

(sorry for my english)