"Saruman has ever been our friend and ally?"

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"Saruman has ever been our friend and ally?" 3 0 5 1.0
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"Saruman has ever been our friend and ally?" 0 0 0 3.0
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BilboBarnard 43

BilboBarnard has a newer deck inspired by this one: "Saruman has ever been our friend and ally?"

This deck won't help you make any friends.

Could swap out Éowyn for Galadriel? PROs: Threat Reduction and use of Nenya for extra Green. CONs: Having to wait for said ring of power before she becomes helpful.

Quest with Éowyn, Rohan allies and Théodred when you can to give her those extra resources.

This deck will struggle to fight off big enemies unless you can utilise Treebeard and his Ent possy.

Use the fickle power of Orthanc to help but there's a reason we're starting with 26 threat...

Defend from such (and enemies) with Orthanc Guard and hold out for Saruman to save the day!