"Saruman has ever been our friend and ally?"

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BilboBarnard 43

This deck won't help you make any friends.

Try and start with Keys of Orthanc, Snowmane or Gléowine in your hand so you can utilise Doom for blue, ready Théodred after questing for resources and draw cards so as to be able to discard duplicates respectively.

Quest with Éowyn, Rohan allies and Théodred when you can to dish out the extra resources. Then you can discard cards to get the bonus abilities from Warden of the Havens or Sailor of Lune as well as bumping up Éowyn's Will.

This deck will struggle to fight off big enemies but there are a few cards to help reduce and shadow effects if Gríma is to defend with Orthanc Guards and hold out for Saruman to save the day!

Ideally, get some way to ready Théodred so he can help attack and produce resources for Éowyn.

One fun trick: Get Heir of Mardil and Herugrim on Éowyn using Master of the Forge so when she quests with Théodred she readies, gains a resource then she can attack with 5 attack or more if you discard cards, showing the men how it's done!