Tale of Tinuviel recycle combo

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G&alf 27

G&alf has a newer deck inspired by this one: Tale of Tinuviel recycle combo

A deck designed to recur Tale of TinĂºviel as many times as possible. Between Second Breakfast and Dwarven Tomb you should be able to play Tale of Tinuviel at least 5 times. The deck can quest fairly well, especially if you get Faramir or Glorfindel out early. Combat is handled by Aragorn (Who you should have +4 to all of his stats thanks to Tale of Tinuviel) with some help from Quickbeam if neccessary. If you can get Tale of TinĂºviel in your starting hand that's great, but don't play it until you have either second breakfast or dwarven tomb in your hand as well. If you don't get Tale of Tinuviel in your starting hand Nenya, Mirror of Galadriel, and Silver Harp are all decent. If you don't think you can draw Nenya reliably enough you can add in some Song of Wisdom.


Aug 22, 2017 Marcelf 1327

Second Breakfast works with attachements. What about Map of Earnil ? and maybe Galadhrim Weaver ?

Aug 22, 2017 G&alf 27

@Marcelf Ah, I really should think through the cards I put into my decks more. I originally had the Galadhrim Weaver and Loragorn with some slight modifications to the ally and events lineup.