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gadwag has a newer deck inspired by this one: Are we done here? (Denethor version) (untested)

I've cracked open my core set and I love Dúnhere's ability, so here's a deck to make use of him with only cards from the core set. Note that there are only 40 cards in the deck, as I'm following Beorn's suggestion of making 40-card decks when building with just the core.

The key strategy I'm trying to work with here is keeping threat low so Dúnhere can blast enemies while they are sitting in the staging area, not causing me any harm. So here's a breakdown of my card choices:

Dúnhere: Kill things in the staging area. Worst case, he can put up something of a fight if he actually engages an enemy.

Thalin: Hurt things in the staging area so Dúnhere can finish them off. If the staging area gets clogged up then my threat will rise and it will all be bad.

Éowyn: Quest quest quest. Keep threat levels low and hopefully progress through the adventure.

I don't have much choice of allies in the core set. Gandalf is primarily for threat management. I've picked Northern Tracker and Lórien Guide to help progress past locations quickly. The tracker can also go on the defensive if needed. Gondorian Spearman can defend, potentially finishing off things that Dúnhere and Thalin have beaten up already. Finally I dropped in the Wandering Took as he's pretty flexible, and in multiplayer games will be handy for threat smoothing. He could be swapped for Veteran Axehand.

The red attachments are pretty self explanatory - mainly attack buffs for Dúnhere, along with the Horn of Gondor for extra resources and Citadel Plate to protect Thalin and Éowyn from treachery damage. The Favor of the Lady should go on Thalin or Éowyn. Unexpected Courage is mainly for Thalin to quest and fight.

The events are all there to help prop up the shambles that is my Dúnhere strategy. A Light in the Dark, Swift Strike and Feint all help out once enemies inevitably engage, and Quick Strike lets Dúnhere kill a low threat enemy before it leaves the staging area. The Galadhrim's Greeting is of course more vital threat reduction, and the remaining blue cards are just some straightforward recursion and protection from nasty effects.

I'll be revisiting this deck once I've given it a test run. One potential change would be to swap Thalin for Denethor, losing damage output for much more control over the encounter deck.