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Tkohl 44

This is really just a fun theory-crafting deck. I love the idea of the Aragorn+Roheryn+Support of the Eagles combo, and also Elrond+Gandalf. The two together I feel would work pretty well considering the awesome amount of card draw that Vilya, Expert Treasure-hunter, and Gandalf's Staff provides.

The goal is to get Vilya out asap, hence Word of Command, which primarily act as extra copies of that. Hopefully there's enough threat reduction that you should be ok even early on, and enough stuff to get the key attachments into play quickly.

End game, your heroes can quest for 17 with Aragorn's toys and Faramir, engage and instantly kill most enemies, and defend/attack with any of the heroes. If you have Support of the Eagles and Shadowfax on Gandalf, you can defend or attack across the board pretty well.

May not be the most practical, but combines some of my favorite elements and should be pretty fun to play.