Suicide Squad

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MarekZegarek 74

Here it is! The deck so dangerous that you can loose any scenario on the first turn! So fasten your seatbelts, bring something to drink and let's have fun :)


This is a theme deck that is build around discarding heroes/allies and trying not to be terrible.

Horn of Gondor is an obvious choice, I was even thinking about putting third copy of it.

Since we have multiple spheres and our heroes can go down very wicekurator

I putted couple of songs, The Storm Comes and A Good Harvest to negate some resource match problems.

If you can, use Minas Tirith Lampwright with combination of Rumour from the Earth or just be a man.

You probably want to discard Damrod since you can get him with Caldara, you can make it easier by swaping Vassal of the Windlord with Trollshaw Scout or Winged Guardian with Watcher of the Bruinen.

I really wanted to put Beorning Beekeeper on a list but I'm not sure if one tactics hero is enough to pay for him so he landed on a sideboard. Other possible swaps is Elrond with Gandalf and Treebeard with Folco Boffin.


Will you accept the challenge and try this decks? Also, play it in multiplayer, I'm sure everyone else gonna love it!


Dec 24, 2017 clay 2

I love discard decks! However, the Horn of Gondor effect only triggers after a character is destroyed (errata). I don't think it triggers from discarding characters.