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The Sniper
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Denison 575

An update to the questing deck in my favorite two-player fellowship.

Deck Goals:

Quest hard and manage threat so that Haldir can snipe enemies. Get as many readying attachments over to the other team so that they can handle combat in the early game.

Opening Hand:

Staying pat with A Test of Will is never a bad idea.

Consider a mulligan for one of 10 readying cards designed to help Beregond and Haldir get multiple actions.


Managing the threat of both decks to keep engagements away from Haldir is a big part of winning with these decks and the reason there are 11 threat reducing cards available. Any encounter card that stops threat reduction must be dealt with immediately.

Sit back and relax while heaps of attachments are sent over. Several Expert Treasure-hunter are coming over to help with card draw and Event is usually the named type.

The early game is typical Spirit fare - questing and more questing. But the mid-game gets very interesting for Cirdan and Idraen. Keeping Count on Idraen can turn her into a boss-killer. Once the other deck heroes get maxed out, the extra attachments go on Cirdan allowing him to fill gaps where needed.

Playtesting - So far this fellowship has reliably beaten the last three scenarios of the Haradrim cycle.