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ballin4nothin 18

ballin4nothin has a newer deck inspired by this one: Starter Dwarf Deck

This is my starter dwarf deck to be used as I progress through the Dwarrowdelf Cycle. Tips, tricks, and combos:

  1. For planning: is the most expensive resource in this deck. Bifur helps with resource smoothing. I avoided Narvi's Belt since it is unique and can end up being a dead draw. We have access to all spheres other than where the only dwarf in that sphere at this point is Zigil Miner. His ability isn't as effective yet because we don't have access to scrying cards like Imladris Stargazer. We already have Steward of Gondor (almost always goes on Bifur) and Song of Wisdom to help us pay for cards and effects.
  2. I also like Song of Wisdom because A Burning Brand can combo with it. Prioritize this on Dáin Ironfoot since he will most likely stay ready until he absolutely has to defend. Boots from Erebor with his 3 makes him our best defender.
  3. For questing: This deck is quest-heavy due to the many cheap dwarves we have available that get +1 from Dáin Ironfoot. This is broken as even Veteran Axehand and Miner of the Iron Hills can quest for 1 . You can even pump more with Durin's Song or Longbeard Map-Maker.
  4. For combat: Save resources and Erebor Record Keeper to ready Dáin Ironfoot if you do end up having to defend with him prior to the attacking step. His +1 passive with Dwarrowdelf Axe, Khazâd! Khazâd!, or Durin's Song are our sources of combat strength. Also, Thalin will always quest so he helps weaken the enemies.
  5. Play Rivendell Minstrel to fetch Song of Wisdom ASAP. If not needed, remember we can now also fetch Durin's Song with this expansion.
  6. Lórien's Wealth and Campfire Tales are for card draw that is lacking in this deck.
  7. As always in the early cycles of this game, Sneak Attack and Gandalf is a staple with access to the sphere.

Mar 01, 2018 Quetzal513 72

I just recently ordered the expansion and made a very similar mock up in anticipation of it arriving.

I don't know if you intend this deck as exclusively solo, but Campfire Tales seems like a bit of a dead card; basically taking up a space to allow you to spend a resource. I'm using Gléowine instead and I'm not sure how I feel about Lórien's Wealth; I might consider Valiant Sacrifice instead, but my deck also lacks the typical sacrificial cost 1 allies. I haven't been a huge fan of Rivendell Minstrel to this point because of cost, but I'm also hoping for better results with the Durin's Song also serving as a minor supplement for card draw.

I'm also a bit addicted to Henamarth Riversong for solo play with

Otherwise we thought along really similar lines. Thanks for sharing your deck.

Mar 01, 2018 ballin4nothin 18

Hey Quetzal513,

You're right in that Campfire Tales can be a bit of a dead card. It is mostly a deck thinner. We do not have much access to deck thinners yet at this point in the progression. I might take your advice and switch it out with Gléowine since he can also provide some or draw power. Lórien's Wealth has been really good seeing as we have Song of Wisdom to help Bifur pay for it as well as his ability. Valiant Sacrifice is too slow for this deck, I only use it on my eagles deck. You won't lose allies since most of them will be questing or attacking, and Dáin Ironfoot is our tank. Rivendell Minstrel is even better now that she can also dig for Durin's Song which has helped me countless times to get out of location lock, prevent Dáin Ironfoot from dying, or even take out the cave trolls. Her 2 is icing on the cake.

Henamarth Riversong is not needed since no matter what comes out we can handle it. If an enemy is revealed, Thalin will soften them up. This is awesome for those Archers with only 1 HP but can't be attacked unless you have ranged. If it is a beefy enemy, we have Dwarrowdelf Axe, Veteran Axehand, and Khazâd! Khazâd! to take it down. If a treachery is revealed such as Sudden Pitfall, we have many cheap allies to take the hit. And A Burning Brand avoids its shadow effect. If a location is revealed or a card with high , well we have our cheap allies once again gaining +1 , Durin's Song, or using Longbeard Map-Maker's effect. Enjoy!

Mar 01, 2018 Quetzal513 72

All really good feedback, and since I haven't been able to crack the shrink wrap yet I can only speak theoretically.

I noticed that there are quite a few goblin enemies with 2 hit points and wondered about including a few Gondorian Spearman as they combo nice with Thalin (maybe as a sideboard, I haven't thoroughly studied each encounter set). Plus, there is precious little that demands resources.

Valiant Sacrifice+Sneak Attack+Gandalf combo is one I like, but a 3 card combo is probably too unreliable as a source of card draw. So that card is certainly expendable.

I hope your point about Henamarth Riversong proves to be accurate.

It sounds like you haven't been left wanting for a source of healing for Dáin Ironfoot. But not sure there is a great choice between Self Preservation and Daughter of the Nimrodel.

Mar 01, 2018 ballin4nothin 18

Enjoy opening the pack!

Thalin deals 1 damage to revealed enemies. Once they engage you, you can block with something like Miner of the Iron Hills to keep Dáin Ironfoot readied for +1 . At that point you can use Veteran Axehand with 3 to take out enemies with 2 , enough to deal that 2nd point of damage and kill them. Or even with Dwarven Axe, you can attack with Erebor Hammersmith for 0 combat damage yet still deal 1 direct damage after attacking. Gondorian Spearman doesn't optimize Dáin Ironfoot enough. A dwarf synergy card should take his spot in the deck. Also, by not spending the 2 resources, those can go to Bifur or spent as eventually with Song of Wisdom. Boots from Erebor are free and essentially offset healing let alone Dáin Ironfoot's 3 + 2 from Durin's Song.