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ballin4nothin 18

ballin4nothin has a newer deck inspired by this one: Starter Dwarf Deck

This is my starter dwarf deck to be used as I progress through the Dwarrowdelf Cycle. Tips, tricks, and combos:

  1. For planning: is the most expensive resource in this deck. Bifur helps with resource smoothing. I avoided Narvi's Belt since it is unique and can end up being a dead draw. We have access to all spheres other than where the only dwarf in that sphere at this point is Zigil Miner. His ability isn't as effective yet because we don't have access to scrying cards like Imladris Stargazer. We already have Steward of Gondor (almost always goes on Bifur) and Song of Wisdom to help us pay for cards and effects.
  2. I also like Song of Wisdom because A Burning Brand can combo with it. Prioritize this on Dáin Ironfoot since he will most likely stay ready until he absolutely has to defend. Boots from Erebor with his 3 makes him our best defender.
  3. For questing: This deck is quest-heavy due to the many cheap dwarves we have available that get +1 from Dáin Ironfoot. This is broken as even Veteran Axehand and Miner of the Iron Hills can quest for 1 . You can even pump more with Durin's Song or Longbeard Map-Maker.
  4. For combat: Save resources and Erebor Record Keeper to ready Dáin Ironfoot if you do end up having to defend with him prior to the attacking step. His +1 passive with Dwarrowdelf Axe, Khazâd! Khazâd!, or Durin's Song are our sources of combat strength. Also, Thalin will always quest so he helps weaken the enemies.
  5. Play Rivendell Minstrel to fetch Song of Wisdom ASAP. If not needed, remember we can now also fetch Durin's Song with this expansion.
  6. Lórien's Wealth and Campfire Tales are for card draw that is lacking in this deck.
  7. As always in the early cycles of this game, Sneak Attack and Gandalf is a staple with access to the sphere.


  1. In solo, switch Campfire Tales with Gléowine for constant card draw, emergency defender, or 1 .
  2. Removed one Song of Wisdom since we are running 3 x Rivendell Minstrel.
  3. Added one more Feint. This card is just too good to pass up for emergencies. It can also save you a defender to quest or attack instead.
  4. Added 1 x Protector of Lórien for Dáin Ironfoot instead of wasting Durin's Song to keep him alive as necessary. Used to pitch dead Steward of Gondors or unneeded Rivendell Minstrels.