Rohan theme deck based on Dúnhere and Fastred

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tickler 219

This deck focuses on Rohan cards supporting the hero combination. It tries to get the best play experience out of it, but it is obviously not the most efficient deck for the combination of heros. Rohan allies are just not as good as other allies for the same costs and without Théoden.

How to play

The concept is to quest with Éowyn, block with Fastred to reduce your threat and snipe enemies out of the staging area with Dúnhere. Keep your threat low and take some time to gain a solid board. The deck favors variation of cards over getting specific cards out as quick as possible. That way every game will feel a little bit different. The strategy is designed for solo play, but can work in multiplayer games with other low-threat decks too.


Mulligan into a weapon for Dúnhere.

Non-Rohan allies

The deck has trouble with direct damage. Without the help from Gondor and their Honour Guards you will not be able to handle archers or treachery cards dealing damage to questing allies (e.g. The Necromancer's Reach). The Steward of Orthanc helps to manage ressources and gives you additional draw if required. Both cards are in my point of view thematically acceptable for the Rohan theme.

Some combos


Replace up to two cards by Power of Orthanc to deal with conditions.


Jul 06, 2018 tickler 219

Improvement: Replace one Steward of Orthanc by Háma.

Jul 16, 2018 tickler 219

Replace the third copy of Steward of Gondor by the Necklace of Girion.