Stand and Fight the Harad Way

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TheChad 6925

I wanted to make a Harad deck with no Steward and I am very pleased with this result.

You can check out this video on how to play this deck here:

The gimmick of this deck is to use Kahliel's ability and Stand and Fight.

In your opening hand of course look for the 2 Elf Light cards since it is an Arwen/Glorfindel deck.

Other good cards to see are any of the hard hitting allies: Jubayr Firyal Yazan. Stand and Fight is also what you are looking for. To be honest, it's hard to get a bad starting hand since this deck offers a few ways to get rolling.

How to get all 3 Harad Uniques on the board ASAP (hopefully one on turn 2):

Let's be real, if you get those 3 guys on the table then your Harad deck worked.

Early Game:

Use Arwen's ability to generate 3 resources a round. On Round 2 Use Stand and Fight to play one of the big allies from your discard pile that got there via one of the many discard effects this deck has.


If Kahliel is an Elf-friend on Round One he can get the resource from Arwen, he will have 4 resources on Round 2 and with the help of a Southron Refugee he could play any Ally from your hand.


Use the Zigil Miner/Imladris Stargazer combo to add resources to Kahliel (even without the Stargazer you can Zigi with a guess of '2' and use Kahliel's 2nd ability to shuffle the allies back in, or Stand and Fight to play them).

Once the deck starts rolling it is very easy to pilot. Generate resources with Zigi, keep your threat low and quest with Galadriel's Handmaiden and Elrond's Counsel. Boost your more with Kahliel's Headdress. Jubayr can defend with boosts from Kahliel’s Tribesman and Desperate Defense.


Apr 12, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1578

Interesting twist on Harad!