Hobbit-era Dwarves (2 of 2)

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Dwarves of The Hobbit
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Some Sort 3032

Part of a pair of thematic dwarf decks set in the Hobbit era. Both are buildable using a single player's card pool from the first two cycles and the Hobbit boxes.

Things play a lot quicker once Ori hits his card bonus. Thanks to Bombur and a bunch of 1- and 2-cost Lore Dwarves, this is easy as pie; mulligan any hand that doesn't include a Hammersmith, Record Keeper, or Miner. Barring that, Bofur is playable first turn if you're willing to fail a questing phase. (It's generally worth it.)

Two things worth noting: because of the way he is worded Bifur counts himself towards the five-dwarf minimum. Thanks to Bombur, this means unless one of your heroes has been defeated, Bifur will always draw you cards. Second, Bofur and Gandalf are the only uniques to appear in both paired decks. Gandalf pops in and out often enough that this isn't much of a problem, but be sure to coordinate with your partner when playing either.

If you feel you have enough card draw, feel free to play Legacy of Durin across the table to help out your partner deck. Also, because of Nori and a much lower starting threat, this deck is positioned to use threat as a resource; hence the inclusion of Hobbit Gandalf and the presence of Song of EƤrendil in the sideboard, (the only unthematic inclusion).

The rest of the sideboard largely consists of extra location control, should you find it necessary. If playing a quest with a lot of mountain or underground locations, Ever My Heart Rises can be ridiculously powerful, (and again, remember it can be played across the table if your partner is struggling with threat).