Nasty Elf Friend

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profparm 22

profparm has a newer deck inspired by this one: Nasty Elf Friend

Nasty is a character I've wanted to play since I read her, which was quite a bit before I actually got her. I wish I had more than 1x Core purely for more Unexpected Courages, but I'll make do with what I have. :)

The deck wants to mulligan hard for Elf-friend. Ideally, Nasty gets Captain, Elf-Friend, Magic Ring, Raiment of War, and Unexpected Courage. Cirdan takes Raiment of War and Strider, while Arwen takes all the Silver Harps I draw. Along the way I want to get some allies out for support, but I intend to chump with any except for Glorf, Jub, or Norther Tracker. Once Unexpected Courage or Magic Ring gets on to Nasty I don't have to chump any more, so that's nice.

I really like the "Play again per copy in discard" events, and they seem to work naturally with Cirdan, so it wasn't hard to decide to play Elwing's Flight and Skyward Volley. Revealed in Wrath was very useful in the test game against Journey down the Anduin, as it stopped the Hill Troll from raising my threat when I chumped against it and then countered with Nasty to get it down to 4, and the next turn used Magic Ring for a resource to Skyward Volley the troll down. Fair and Perilous let's Cirdan have 6+ attack, and the rest of the spirit event suite seems naturals to include, but this is my first serious attempt at a spirit-heavy deck so I'm enjoying playing the staples that I haven't been able to include yet.

This is the deck that I want to try and tweak while I run it against Grey Havens and Dream-Chaser.


Jun 13, 2018 Valdemart 1

Just a few things - you have no Ranged character or attachments that give Ranged, so you can't play Skyward Volley in this deck. Also, you say Raiment of War goes to Cirdan, but he is not a Warrior character. It can go only on Glorfindel, Jubayr or Nasty.

Strider is a bit weird here - hopefully you won't reach the first condition and the second one doesn't seem to be worth it. Why not Light of Valinor or some questing spirit ally instead?

Jun 13, 2018 Taurelin 388

I think this combination of heroes has a lot of potential. However, there are some key-cards missing, as far as I can see.

Na'asiyah really likes Feint and especially Quick Strike so that she can spend her ressources during her attack without worrying about defense. Firefoot is also great, as she can take out 2 enemies at once, ignoring the shield of the bigger one.

With Cirdan you should consider Narya to get an extra-defense out of Jubayr, another attack of Glorfindel etc.

Also, Elrond's Counsel seems a much cheaper way to reduce your threat than the Greeting.

Jun 13, 2018 profparm 22

Valdemart: It probably helps if I read the restrictions more. Raiment of War will be reduced and Skyward Volley will come out, for Narya and either Quick Strike or Feint. I don't own Light of Valinor, and I'm playing low enough on allies Strider seemed like a good wp booster. However, I did find the deck didn't need wp, so I'll probably change out Strider as well.

Taurelin: I like a lot of your points and will be trying a lot of what you mention. Unfortunately, I don't own Firefoot or Elronds Counsel, so those cards can't be included.

Thanks for the advice everyone, I really would like to get the deck tuned a little more before I start Grey Havens.

Jun 13, 2018 Taurelin 388

My best result with Na'asiyah in a Spirit/Noldor-setting is this deck here:

It uses Galadriel, but Cirdan is, of course, excellent. Still, maybe you can use my list as a kind of inspiration.

As you plan to play the Grey Havens + Cycle (which is just aweseome, I hope you'll enjoy it), I recommend to play some more cheap allies, as you need a lot of characters, especially in the sailing-scenarios. Sailor of Lune is excellent, also Galadriel's Handmaiden, Ethir Swordsman or Silvan Refugee, depending on your collection.

Jun 13, 2018 profparm 22

Thanks for the quest-specific advice! I tend to underload allies because I like focusing on my main characters more, but both sailor of line and galadriels handmaiden were 6 of the last 10 cards cut for the deck, so I'll definitely try to work them back in. I do really like your Galadriel version, but I'm not sold on Galadriel yet, I think I need to play around with her some more. The obvious awesomeness of cirdan is hard to pass up.

Jun 13, 2018 profparm 22

I've created a 2.0 version of this deck. Firefoot was added (as I realized it's coming in some of the APs I've ordered), as well as a few other changes. Thanks for your help imp