Nasty Elf Friend

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profparm 22

This is my second attempt at this deck. To sum up my old description, I really liked Nasty, and I think the Elf-Friend/Arwen interaction is fun. Cirdan can help me find the characters I need, and, while a little light on allies, I like decks that are light on allies.

I still want to mulligan hard for Elf-Friend, as getting that on Nasty and getting her resources is my main goal. She also takes a Firefoot, Elven Spear, a Magic Ring, a Captain of Gondor. Silver Harp can go on either Cirdan or Arwen, and Cirdan with Narya seems like some good shenanigans if I don't need his WP, with Elwing's Flight, or if I decide to give him the Unexpected Courage instead of Nasty (it probably depends on my board state when I draw it). In the early game, I probably want to try chumping with allies or defending with Nasty, but later on when I'm more set up, I'll use my beefier allies to defend where they can and Nasty to defend where they can't.

This is the deck that I want to try and tweak while I run it against Grey Havens and Dream-Chaser, and I know nothing about those quests going in.