The Prince, the Son and the Steward

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LordTh 67

This is a Gondor deck, for "Deck of the Month" June 2018. A Gondor Swarm deck with the twist of tri-sphere.

I love to make thematic decks so a usually (but not always) only use cards that belongs in the theme of the deck. This is the reason why I did not use A Very Good Tale or any other card draw event than Heed the Dream. I would say that every card in this deck has a connection to Gondor. A Burning Brand does not count because everyone can use a torch and is therefor okay in a Gondor deck as well.

Opening hand

You would like to see Steward of Gondor and put it on Boromir in your starting hand, also Wealth of Gondor to pay for it and Visionary Leadership to give all Gondor Characters willpower.

Card to look for

Other than the once mentioned in your opening hand, Gondorian Shield on Denethor and a lot of allies. If you can find a A Burning Brand and put that one on Denethor he becomes a boss defender with 5 and cancels all shadow cards.


Play Steward of Gondor and Visionary Leadership on Boromir to generate resources and trigger his effect and the effect of Visionary Leadership. I put only a few cards from the other spheres so they can trigger other effects. Prince Imrahil uses his for his combat action and Denethor uses his for Ioreth and the Warden of Healing. The Horn could be put on anyone but I would suggest putting it on Boromir as well to pay for the second effect on Heed the Dream and Knight of the White Tower, because there are a lot of resource smoothing in the deck. For example Wealth of Gondor, Pelargir Shipwright and Envoy of Pelargir. Denethor is a great character especially in solo, because if you do not get an enemy in the staging step you can look for what will come next round and even "cancel" it by placing it on the bottom. Do not quest with him keep him ready and if an enemy comes, he defends otherwise, you know whats coming next. I also added a card that I see few Gondor decks use, but that I think is really good and it is For Gondor! from the core set. It gives ALL characters +1 and all Gondor characters +1 , which is insane. That means, with Boromir's passive effect and For Gondor! it grants +2 for all your allies and not only that, you can now defend a 6 with Denethor (if you have Gondorian Shield on him) without taking any damage. I think it is good, thematic and it also helps everyone if you play with others that does not play Gondor.

The decks Weakness

The biggest weakness in the deck is the willpower. It is therefore essential to get Visionary Leadership as fast as you can. Heed the Dream is in the deck to look for it and you need it fast. It is hard to say which one of Steward of Gondor or Visionary Leadership that is more important, so I will just say, look for both. Card draw is also a big weakness, the only card that makes you draw any card is Heed the Dream, Rod of the Steward and Prince Imrahil's combat action (if you count it as a card draw). Rod of the Steward should be played on Boromir as well and in the later game you can draw cards with his resources. I only put 1 copy in because it is not a card you want in the beginning and it is not essential.

Play testing

I tested it for the quest of the week which was "Hunt for Gollum". Normal game I won twice, had high threat in the end but still. In nightmare I struggle a bit more with the deck and lost 6 times before I finally beat it. It was mostly location control that got me. I also tested it against "Peril at Pelargir" where it really shone. The deck is not perfect, but to pleas all points on the "Deck of the month" I think it works well enough. I also tested it with a friend, and then it really worked well.