Secret war

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Legion of Heroes 10 9 2 1.0
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Arrhias 138


This deck is an new version of my deck with 2 heroes Denethor et Elrond with threat 21.

I have adding Folco, and i start with threat 27. But is abality can reduce threat to 7. So at the first round i discard it to enter secrecy mode.

Before discard, i try to use the resource (Vilya,A Burning Brand,Warden of Healing).

With 3 resources of denethor i can use it to play Timely Aid

After i keep secret if i have Elrond's Counsel or Vanish from Sight to pay Timely Aid or Resourceful

I use Vilya and i ready elrond with Steward of Gondor and Heir of Mardil, or you use Unexpected Courage

If the table have need Steward of Gondor, you can replace it with In Service of the Steward and you move resource denethor to elrond to actif Heir of Mardil. Steward of Gondor is not essential, but with it you have 4 resource on Elrond and more if you have Resourceful so you can pay ally (2ally per round with vilya :) ).

With 4 healer you can pay The Houses of Healing with 1 resource or if you know card on deck (Gildor Inglorion) you can play it with vilya at the end of round.

(Sorry for my english)