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tickler 219

A 100% Noldor deck based on Erestor. Probably, it is the most powerful theme deck I ever created. The deck is incredible fast and solves basically all issues by filling the board with allies. The deck is working both for solo and multiplayer games.


The key card is To the Sea, to the Sea! to add allies. Also important are Light of Valinor for Glorfindel and Elven-light. When you draw into the last available Will of the West reset your deck. Watch out for the situation, where you might draw the last Will of the West but not having any resources left. Mind Lords of the Eldar is not really important; it is just a late game card for a powerful round.

Questing will not be an issue. Your heros quest already for 8 and nearly all allies are good in questing. Also Asfaloth on Glorfindel is probably the best location control in the game.

Use Cloak of Lórien on a Guardian of Rivendell, Elrohir or Gildor Inglorion to set a solid defender. A cloaked Gildor Inglorion with a A Burning Brand and the ability to heal him will handle any enemy. Of course you can always sacrifice characters (like Elven Jeweler). Also all of your allies have two hit points making them resistent against mass damage.

Killing enemies is probably the most difficult thing especially if they have a high defense. Company decks with ranged have been proved to be very handy. So if you are on your own you must play enough allies to collect enough attack power.

The deck has generally a low threat. With the recursion of the deck, you can play Elrond's Counsel even more than three times in a single game. Even some rounds without a Light of Valinor do not make trouble. Use your low threat and high questing power to ignore nasty enemies with high engagement costs.


A Test of Will is not very useful, because you want to spend all cards during deployment. This makes you vulnerable against treachery cards. But in general the overall performance can often handle it. If an adventure has a lot of crazy condition cards, you should probably add another Elrond. Also cards punishing you for a lot of allies can be difficult. Effects discarding your deck can be dangerous for missing the final Will of the West. Finally, encounter cards interacting with your discard pile (e.g. Dark Sorcery) can totally wreck the deck.