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Included in the new Withered Heath adventure pack is a player card version of The Arkenstone which grants a +1 willpower bonus to all unique characters. Its reveal prompted a discussion on Discord about what deck could make the best use of it, and the thematically-appropriate Dwarves were immediately mentioned before I snarked that it looked like Vilya decks were at long last getting some much-needed support.

But the reveal of one of the most anticipated player cards is not a time for snark, it is time for action. I refuse to let something as wondrous as the Arkenstone go down as just another powerdeck win-more card, so I enlisted a couple hobbits to steal the Arkenstone away from the Dwarves and give it back to the people.

This is a 100% real, actually-playable deck that is optimized entirely for getting as many unique allies as possible out as quickly as possible. If you wanted to optimize for other things, (like beating quests), there's useful cancellation, threat reduction, and draw (via Sneak + Gandalf) in the sideboard. As well as some Stand and Fights in case you can't bear the thought of missing out on even one willpower boost.

The sideboard also contains a bunch of lazy gits who prefer combat to questing and are therefore useless to us. Feel free to gaze upon them with scorn.

Mulligan for Peace, and Thought. For any play notes beyond that, see the parent decklist.


Aug 06, 2018 Olander 133

The storm comes could be very good here