A Sneaky Timely Tale

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Some Sort has a newer deck inspired by this one: Claiming the Arkenstone

Some Sort has a newer deck inspired by this one: MoD #9 - Dain Cheeses a Balrog

I've had a fun discussion in the past about what qualifies as a "mono-sphere" deck. Some people define it as a deck where all three heroes belong to the same sphere of influence, which seems reasonable. But then, we've had a lot of cards over the years that allow access to different spheres, from the four first-cycle songs to the three elven rings to Aragon's full suite of toys. I've built plenty of "mono-Spirit" Galadriel decks that used Nenya to splash in a couple Anfalas Herdsmen to make my Ethir Swordsmen a bit more treachery-resistent.

The general pattern, then, has been for a deck to start with one sphere and slowly gain access to more as the game goes along. This deck is exactly like that, only 100% backwards. I call it a "tri-sphere mono-spirit deck", because it starts out gaining one leadership, lore, and spirit resource per round, and then by turn 3 or 4 it's generating five spirit resources per round instead. How? Hero Folco Boffin wanders off and is replaced by Prince Imrahil and Denethor takes a vow of poverty, declares Merry the Steward of Gondor, and donates all of his wealth to the hobbit.

Because of this pattern, all of the Leadership and Lore cards in the deck are extremely cheap, (other than Steward, which plays with Denethor's extra starting resources, every card in thos