Glorfindel Elfriends Treebeard

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lleimmoen 2

The first hero line-up of Glorfindel (Spirit), Eowyn (Tactics) and Treebeard (Lore).

It is always hard to combine the Boromir (power) and Bilbo (theme) ambitions of deck-building, but it is what I strive for almost every time.

These heroes are great at opening rounds questing and attack. Quick Strike replaces Feint for the coolness of it, and because it works against the immune. Once Treebeard has Elf-friend, he should be able Quick Strike almost every enemy in the game with Fair and Perilous. But that combo is more of a bonus and comes off once in a few games, usually. Boomed and Trumpeted alone though combined with Treebeard's boost is enough for most. Eowyn also Quick Strikes once a game as a rule.

Miruvor is there for Treebeard (and thus very few Spirit cards as Glorindel keeps sending resources to Treebeard so that he can afford the Lore cards: Quickbeam, Wellinghall Preserver, Asfaloth, etc.).