Thematic Saga - "Black Gate Opens"

Tubarush 364


This is the Fellowship I used for The Black Gate Opens in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders. My goal was to get to 8 resources with both Wraiths On Wings killed. I did that on each of my first 2 tries with this final decklist. I have 2 core sets and used cards thru the Haradrim cycle. The beginning of my Saga run is here: The previous quest, Tower of Cirith Ungol, is here:

Boons: Brace Of Coneys (x2) (not used), Anduril (used in Outland deck), Sting (not used), Old Bogey-Stories (Pippin - not used), Tireless Ranger (Sam - not used), Noble Hero (Aragorn), Mithril Shirt (not used), Glamdring (in Outland deck), Leader of Men (Aragorn), Intimidation (Legolas), Esquire of Rohan (Merry - not used), Esquire of Gondor (Pippin - not used)

Burdens: The Searching Eye (x2), Gandalf's Delay, Panicked, Overcome By Terror, Fear of Discovery, Pursued By The Enemy, Overcome By Grief, Ill Fate

Buff up Beregond ASAP with Gondorian Shield, Armored Destrier, Unexpected Courage Captain of Gondor, and Raven-winged Helm. He will defend the vast majority of all attacks.

Get Wizard Pipe on Gandalf ASAP, so you can have access to Unexpected Courage and the Lore cards that draw more cards.

Quest (and occasionally fight) with the Gandalf deck. Fight with the Tactics deck.

Use Gandalf's Staff mostly to discard Shadow cards. Then Beregond can get rid of another if he has Armored Destrier.

Get rid of Wraiths on Wings ASAP (hopefully by round 4 at the latest.) Pray for Gwaihir to show up and take out a large enemy.