Gandalf and the Dunedain

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pconnors 64

pconnors has a newer deck inspired by this one: Gandalf Stormcrow 2.0

This is an attempt at making one of my favorite decks a bit more thematic. The goal here is to get Gandalf into play by turn 2, and then NEVER let him leave play.

Acquiring Gandalf

Thurindir is the way to guarantee Gandalf will be drawn in a timely manner. If he isn't gotten on the draw, then Gather Information should be pulled to the starting hand. If he is in the draw, then Rally the West should be nabbed with Gather Information.

Gandalf is in Play

Once Gandalf is in play, the fun begins! Most decks use this Gandalf as a lifesaver to get them out of trouble, but I use him to play chicken with Sauron. Each turn this deck expects its threat to rise by 3. Elrond's Counsel can seek to negate this a bit, and Aragorn is the obvious source of threat reduction, but with Gandalf questing for free, and the boons that The Arkenstone, Necklace of Girion and Rally the West bring to the team, this deck should be rocking questing and fighting in no time flat.

This deck is hoot to play. It is awesome at shorter missions, but becomes a bit less successful for really long missions.