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bobbymcbobface 64

Sideboard: Replace Skinbark with Azain Silverbeard in non-orc quests. For quests where side-quests won't play as well, remove Keep Watch and Vigilant Dúnadan and add any combination of sideboarded eagles, depending on what you need. For more threat reduction or card draw, add more core set Gandalf in place of OHaUH Gandalf. An Oath of Eorl can be removed, along with, or a Arod, to add Born Aloft to help recycle Gandalf. Déorwine and more raiment of wars could be added. Chump vassals and winged guardian to set up eagles of the misty mountains as super defenders


Feb 26, 2020 bobbymcbobface 64

Last night I beat Escape from Dol Guldur solo with this deck. I have played through both Hobbit and LOTR saga campaigns solo, along with shadows of mirkwood, some of against the shadow, dream-chaser, and haradrim