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Sfrug 329

I've now played through the Agmar Awakened cycle with this deck (skipping Deadman's Dike, since this deck is supposed to be empty by turn 3!), and won each quest within two tries. (I was worried that Battle of Card Dum might have been a fluke, so I played a few more times, with an overall success rate of 2/5.)

You do need to almost completely turtle for two rounds, although you can take an attack as threat with Frodo Baggins if necessary.

You can practically always draw through the deck by round three. You want to card draw as aggressively as possible. Mulligan for Peace, and Thought; if you don't get it, do all the card draw tricks you can (including Spare Pipe) to find it. Once you draw most of your hand and get five pipes out, you use Smoke and Think five or six times (using two or three Dwarven Tombs to make that happen) to play down five or six major allies (depending if you played Bilbo or not). If you're lucky in your draws, you can get a few allies out on round two (especially Treebeard since he only requires four pipes to play for free with Smoke and Think.)

You should be able, fairly reliably, to flip the contract by round three. You can't do it by round two because you don't have the resources. Then, over the next few rounds, you get out Narya, Shadowfax and Gandalf's Staff, plus the last Spare Pipe on Jubayr (if it's not already spoken for). Then any leftover cards that aren't threat reduction are available readies for Glorfindel.

Bilbo Baggins is there to find pipes, of course, but if you can it's best to hold off and play the other allies (all stronger), saving Bilbo Baggins as a back-up in case an ally gets discarded. (The other backup in these cases is Glorfindel, who can be replayed from discard.)

Good Meal always goes on Folco Boffin, since it's there pretty exclusively to play Old Toby (although in a pinch it can play a Peace, and Thought of course). Reforged is there to "reforge" a good meal.


Dec 29, 2020 Raiderjakk 44

I like this deck a lot. I will give it a go soon. Thanks for sharing!

Dec 29, 2020 Celia 1

I don't think we can reforged Good Meal as it has no sphere.

Dec 29, 2020 Some Sort 3083

If you're emptying your deck that quickly, you could swap out Reforged for a Map of Earnil and maybe slip a Stand and Fight in there somewhere. This should give you a lot of tricks to make the deck more robust against things that discard an ally, as well as giving you things to do with your resources (besides replaying Glorfindel) in the late game once your deck is empty.

Use Map of Earnil to recycle a Dwarven Tomb. Use the Dwarven Tomb to recycle the Map of Earnil. The Map is back in your hand and can be played back down, the Tomb is back in your deck for you to draw and recycle any Spirit card you want (Smoke and Think for another discount, Stand and Fight if one of your characters bit the dust, Elrond's Counsel for more threat reduction, whatever).

Stand and Fight also lets you use Good Meal to give you a discount on your allies. Good Meal on Frodo or Merry, discard an ally to Glorfindel or Daeron's Runes, use Good Meal to reduce the cost of Stand and Fight by two to get the ally into play. Won't work on Gandalf or Treebeard since they're neutral, though.

Dec 29, 2020 GreenWizard 269

@Celia You're right. Reforged is just like Stand and Fight, you can't pull back neutral attachments with it.

Dec 29, 2020 Sfrug 329

@Celia``@GreenWizard: oops, you're right. In that case, either take @Some Sort's suggestion and put in a copy of Stand and Fight, or put in a copy of Smoke Rings for some serious threat reduction a few rounds into the game. Depends on the scenario, really.