Smoking Fellowship

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The deck that eats threat 16 5 10 1.0
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Smoking Fellowship 10 4 5 2.0
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Sfrug 329

Sfrug has a newer deck inspired by this one: Smoking Fellowship

This is what I got from fiddling around with @askelad's cool new deck The Deck That Eats Threat, until it had become something fairly different. Now instead of trying to have crazy low threat, it's trying to maximize card draw to get out pipes to play free cards.

The basic idea is to very aggressively use card draw to draw most or all of your deck, finding at least five of six pipes (three Hobbit Pipes and three Spare Pipes), and then playing Smoke and Think five or six times (I usually pay for Bilbo Baggins to help me find the pipes) to get out five or six major allies (Firyal, Gandalf, Gildor Inglorion, Glorfindel, Treebeard and Jubayr) and flip the contract (depending on whether you played Bilbo, it'll be either five or six). Dwarven Tomb is there to get Smoke and Think back for multiple uses.

I can usually (not always) do this by round three. Until then, survive by losing a few quests if you have to, and using Frodo Baggins to take undefended attacks.

Then you just use those major allies. At some point get out Narya to get a boost on Gandalf and a second action & boost out of another ally. Remember that the spare pipes can go on characters; it's particularly good on Jubayr: with the contract, a Narya boost & a pipe, he can defend with 5 with 4 . If you have archery damage, you can either sub in Ioreth, or simply kill off and recur Glorfindel (although that costs you the contract for half a round).

Mulligan for pipes, Bilbo, and especially Peace, and Thought.

Good Meal is there to get a free Old Toby, although you could use it on Peace and Thought too. The Seeing-stone fetches Deep Knowledge for more card draw.


Nov 20, 2020 doomguard 1323

would add 1 elevenlight. you will be quick through your deck, so it is save to get glorfindel sooner or later. with elvenlight you can save his additional action(s) every round.

for a noncontrat-version, consider 2 wild stallions, one for gandalf, one for glorfindel.

with Map of Earnil you can smoke infinity if your deck is empty. no need for so much dwarven tomp.

Nov 20, 2020 Truck 1202

Any pot being smoked?