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Michus 5

I hope this will solve some concerns about some cards :)

Deck for multiplayer games (events like Siege of Annuminas).

As for this big event with a lot of heroes I pick Denethor as Glorfindel was already reserved. Good defence combined with A Burning Brand makes him one of the best defender (especially if someone will put Gondorian Shield on him (5 def and ignore shadow cards).

There are a lot of cards that will help other players like combination of Resourceful and Errand-rider, Path of Need, Grim Resolve or Light the Beacons (veeeery helpfull when there is someone with defender ability).

Goal is of course to play costly cards via Vilya and Gildor or Wizard Pipe help us in situations when they stuck on my hand.

Emery is simply a help for others (unexpected atack and defending payer has to sacrifice someome) plus she can discard unique cards that I already has on board (Shadowfax, Vilya, Gandalf's Staff).


Mar 08, 2017 goram.browncoat 4

I'm not sure what the goal of this deck is just by looking at it. It looks a bit messy at 59 cards with a lot of 1-ofs. Certain cards (f.e. Emery) seem out of place.

Can you maybe add a small write up of what it is trying to achieve and what the strategies/combos/interactions are besides the obvious Elrond, Vilya, Gandalf synergy?

Gutt feeling without that would be that the deck has a few nice ideas going in it but is trying to do too much at the same time. It would probably improve by trimming it down a bit.

Mar 08, 2017 The White Wizard 503

@goram.browncoatI'm thinking the idea is the classic Gandalf-Elrond combo with Denethor for fun. @Michus I agree it looks very messy however. Maybe you should cut Dark Knowledge and Errand-rider?

Mar 08, 2017 goram.browncoat 4

It also seems to me a deck with this many attachments in it is crying out got Master of the Forge. He almost cant not hit his ability, either finding you an enchantment you needed or at least thinning your deck of dead draws.

He combos really nicely with the already present Imladris Stargazer in that you can dig for an attachment and then use imladris to set up the card you want to draw and the card(s) you want to Vilya or play with Gandalf.

I agree with @The White Wizard that you could cut Dark Knowledge and Errand-rider. Additionally I would also cut Emery (unless she's doing something fun that I'm just not seeing), Elf-stone (you already have a high cost cheat in Vilya and not all that many allies in the deck anyway), Protector of Lórien (good card but this deck does not produce that card advantage that you need to use it)

Maybe even Resourceful. I know that leaves the deck without resource acceleration but is this card really that good if you're not playing it for 1 resource with secrecy? It takes 4 turns before you break even on resources and really gimps you in the meanwhile since you're missing the on average 2 cards you would have played instead.

Your deck youre rules though. If any of these cards are particular favourites for you and/or I'm just not seeing the strategy behind them (always possible) then by all means keep them. (This is also why I would advise any deck published to have at least a small paragraph of explanation with it, not everybody sees what you see).

Mar 08, 2017 The White Wizard 503

I could also see cutting Path of Need and one of the things @goram.browncoat suggested and adding two more copies of Unexpected Courage, even if you have to use a proxy. I use Silver Lamp as my proxy.

Mar 09, 2017 Michus 5

I added description, please forgive me for not doing it while I published deck (I wanted to share it with other persons that will play on event).

Mar 09, 2017 goram.browncoat 4

Ok, I dont know how siege of anumenas works exactly so I'll retract most of what I said as it was from the point of view of general questing. Some of the cards I mentioned to cut can be useful depending on scenario and/or specific companion decks.

I still don't see Emery though :) Nearly half your deck causes her to be discarded. Sure, you can set it up with Imladris Stargazer if you're a little lucky and get 3 spirit/neutral cards in the 5 top cards. Or stargazer with 2 spirit/neutral cards and Wizard Pipe Gildor Inglorion a third card to the top of your deck. But that is expending a lot of powerful abilities to give somebody an ok-but-not-spectacular ally.

She can indeed discard herself and take the hit to get rid of 3 dead draws in your top 5 cards that you scouted with stargazer. I'm not saying thats bad perse but I don't know if it is worth a spot in a deck that is already slightly over a comfy amount of cards.

Mar 09, 2017 The White Wizard 503

That makes more sense. Path of Need is actually extremely good in that quest.