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Codus 32

This is my first attempt at an Erestor/Noldor discard deck, designed for true solo play.

Main priority is getting as many Silver Harp's out as soon as possible, and using them to retain cards at the end of the round to give you card advantage. Galadriel will also keep you reasonably threat neutral and gain you more card advantage.

The deck can take some time to get up to speed but Erestor is a surprisingly excellent defender with very little setup, so you can stall with Galadriel's threat reduction until you're ready to roll. The main reason the deck fails is through lack of resources if you don't get the Imladris Stargazer/Zigil Miner combo up and running.

Once Erestor has Protector of Lórien and A Burning Brand he becomes amazingly sturdy, and if Arwen Undómiel is on the table he's even better (and gains sentinel in multi-player). Cloak of Lórien is a nice 1 defence boost for Erestor, and can sometimes boost his natural defence to 4 if the active location is a Forest.

The first Unexpected Courage should go on Galadriel, so that you get full use out of her once Nenya is in play.

After playing Light of Valinor on Glorfindel he becomes your main attacker. You should also play Protector of Lórien on him too, so that you can beef up his attack with Fair and Perilous (9 attack best case scenario).

I've switched between Lindon Navigator and Sailor of Lune for the main questing allies, but the action advantage from the navigator means you can add to Glorfindels attack.

I have beat quite a few quests with this deck, but be warned it's for the long game, and takes patience to pilot. Defending against 6 attack enemies then killing them in one blow with Fair and Perilous is intensely satisfying and fun to play.