Direct Damage- Kill them before they come down

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GreenWizard 268

This is a direct damage deck that I came up with last night. The goal is to kill all the enemies before they engage. I put almost all of the direct damage cards that I know in this deck, but let me know if I'm missing one that I should put in.

The start of the game might be hard as willpower is a little low, but you should be fine if you play this deck against a quest with lots of enemies, like The Seventh Level. The Defenders are for dealing with an enemy that might engage you, as is the large bear,and Boromir also.

have fun!


Feb 07, 2021 Quetzal513 72

I'm really intrigued by your deck; direct damage is one of my favorite mechanisms. TheChad made a similar one a little while ago Direct Baggins Zone! and while you have the same hero lineup and similar premise, it looks like you only share about 8 of the 50 card lineup. (You don't mention if this deck is intended for solo/multiplayer, so I'll assume either; also, I'll assume you have a large card pool since you used cards up to The City of Ulfast.)

Here are some constructive thoughts, since I think your deck is a little more theory crafting than battle tested at this point.

  • I understand you are hoping to kill all enemies before they engage you, so some cards seem to be at cross purposes. While [Dúnedain Hunter](/card/09004) has great stats, if he hits, he puts an enemy directly engaged with you. He's not an awesome defender (chumping with [Last Stand](/card/12005)?), and his stats are a bit wasted if you're planning on equipping him with a [Ranger Bow](/card/06088). I think you may have solved your defense with cards that don't fit your purpose as well; have you considered [Gondorian Spearman](/card/01029)+[Spear of the Citadel](/card/05009)?
  • Offsphere and songs. I think they're a little janky in this circumstance. [Song of Travel](/card/02081) is for [Double Back](/card/10034) (I assume to help keep enemies in the staging area) and [Dunedain Pathfinder](/card/17033) (assumed a cheap quester and also possible target for [Ranger Bow](/card/06088)?). I have similar problems with the cards; resources can be solved a different way, [Fresh Tracks](/card/04078) fits your theme perfectly but may not be worth the song combo, [Ranger Summons](/card/09007) is also too many steps to get to hit for my liking (plus I think [Ranger of the North](/card/09015) should technically be listed on sideboard and not count against the 50 limit).
  • That's a lot of side quests, and they don't all facilitate your theme directly. I think some are really tough to complete and are overall a tempo hit, but I can see you're going for a reliable, hard hitting [Dour Handed](/card/16009)
  • Per your invitation, here are some cards you may have missed that might be worth considering: [Galadhon Archer](/card/08087), [Pursuing the Enemy](/card/08060), [Hail of Stones](/card/04032) and [Goblin-cleaver](/card/131016). I also think you may be missing a trick by not including a few guarded cards: [Sting](/card/19117) (probably would want [Fast Hitch](/card/02103), [Necklace of Girion](/card/18011), [Durin's Axe](/card/22006), [Ring of Thrór](/card/19093), [Stone of Elostirion](/card/22084), and [The Arkenstone](/card/19010) could all be made to work with this hero lineup, help solve some of the shortcomings, and facilitate your heroes quite a bit. However, please note I'm not trying to make your deck copy Chad's, and I think there is room to occupy a different space in how it plays. Neither of you have used many cards that minipulate the staging area i.e. [Mablung](/card/144005), [Faramir](/card/21005), [Arrows from the Trees](/card/12065), [Followed](/card/17139), etc (this is not a well thought out or exhaustive list)
  • I really like your use of [Guardian of Ithilien](/card/12144)+[Ranger Bow](/card/06088). Chad's deck doesn't feature that combo and it fits perfectly with what you want to do and has huge damage potential.

Anyway, some thoughts, but I was immediately intrigued by what your direct damage take would be.

Feb 07, 2021 Quetzal513 72

Arg. There must be something to doing lists that messes with the markdown links.

Feb 07, 2021 GreenWizard 268

Hi! This deck can be either single or multiplayer, although multiplayer might be better if the other deck has more willpower. My purpose for Dúnedain Hunter and Dunedain Pathfinder is for cheap allies for the ranger bows. You're right about the stats but, in some cases, after you kill the enemy he brought engaged with you, you don't necessarily engage many more enemies, so the bow isn't a bad option. Dunedain pathfinder is also for questing. Gondorian spearmen and Spear of the Citadel would work good, because the enemies that do make it down will already (most likely) have damage on them. Yup, threat lowering is important. I didn't put too much in, because hopefully in multiplayer the other deck has threat reduction. Yup, I agree. Maybe it would be easier to throw in A Good Harvest instead. But the main purpose of Song of Kings is Steward of Gondor. Yup, Dour Handed is a good one, but the side quests are good and also have a handy ability (threat reduction, encounter deck manipulation, etc.). I like your ideas! I didn't include Durin's Axe as none of my heroes would most likely be attacking anything. Some more guarded cards would be good for Bilbo Baggins. I thought about Mablung, but he should definitely be included.

thanks! I also love the Guardian of Ithilien combo. Thanks for your thoughts. I love hearing other people's input on cards and actions.

And I also came up with these decks at around 11 last night, so i'm sure there's mistkes. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to comment and help out with some suggestions! I'll take a look at Chad's deck in a second, there's no doubt his is better than mine! But maybe I'll get some ideas.

Feb 07, 2021 Quetzal513 72

Cool cool. I have a couple ideas to explore.

Resources, instead of Steward of Gondor, Elf-stone is a staple that could help. This would also free you up to include a few 1x of powerful allies like Beorn, i.e Gildor Inglorion, Faramir, Haldir of Lórien, etc. Necklace of Girion would serve two purposes.

Threat, consider Woodmen's Clearing and Secret Vigil (that would combo nicely with Argalad).

Cheap questing, might consider Mablung, Quickbeam, Pippin, Mirkwood Hunter (could go nice with those location attachments and more ranged if you keep in Rúmil), Robin Smallburrow, Wandering Ent, etc. Lots of unique allies would make The Arkenstone stronger.

I agree about about Durin's Axe; it was theory crafting use on Thalin+Ring of Thrór (plus a possible shift to more attachments, helps card draw and resource gen). May be too many steps to work reliably.

I'm going to play your deck against a few quests later and may have more feedback.

Feb 07, 2021 Quetzal513 72

Wrong Mablung linked.

Feb 08, 2021 GreenWizard 268

Elf-stone is a great idea! Don't know why I didn't think of that. Necklace of Girion would be amazing here. Secret Vigil is okay, but I hope to clear out the enemies in the staging area turn 1. But woodmen's clearing could be a useful card. Yeah, maybe tomorrow I'll make a new version of this deck (making sure you are mentioned for being very helpful ;) ) I like the cheap unique allies plus arkenstone idea.

thanks so much!

Feb 08, 2021 GreenWizard 268

I also agree with you that Secret Vigil could be useful with Bilbo's damage and the threat reduction for Argalad. But the trick is to see if the enemies even survive until the planning phase.

OMG! I think I forgot the king of direct damage. Gandalf

Feb 08, 2021 doomguard 1251

without sneackattack gandalf is not so much playable for a low ressourceparty. but you forgot Gondorian Spearman and Spear of the Citadel cheap and can help to kill an enemy who has 1 -2 hitpoints left.

furthermore, if using tactikbilbo, why no guarded attachement? at least Sting. get bilbo sting and a spear, great! of course you need Fast Hitch then, but you have lore. not taking it heaving a hobbit is a crime.

i would skip the expensive allies like beorn and boromir for that.

i miss goblincleaver. there are many weapons and its cheaper than Swift Strike

so,my adjustments would be:


  • 1 boromir
  • 1 beorn
  • 2 ranger summons (you cannot play them ;) no unique dunedain)
  • 1 rumil too expensive
  • 2 vigilant dunedain
  • 2 ranger of the north
  • 2 swift strike

put in:

  • 1 sting
  • 3 spear of the citadel
  • 3 gondorian spearman
  • 3 goblincleaver
  • 2-3 hitch (maybe Foe-hammer and Swift Strikefor the songs)

song of travel only for the dunedain pathfinder seems a little to much efford. they are dead cards until u draw the right song.

same with steward and song of kings. it is more a multiplayer deck leave the steward for a mate.

if you want more cheap ranger take Mablung and Northern Bowmaster or Ithilien Tracker

concentrate at your task (direct damage) and it is risky with this few carddraw to get all the songs to the cards, or the cars to the songs u need.

so either leave the songchenanigans and take ranger or go max. leadership (put steward in the sideboard) with 3 song of kings, 3 Sneak Attack + 3 Gandalf then if cards are left fresh tracks.

that would be my adjutments,hope you think its helpfull.

Feb 08, 2021 GreenWizard 268

Thanks @doomguard. I always find your suggestions helpful! I'm thinking of making a new deck today with some new ideas that I and @Quetzal513 and you have helped me with.

Spearmen and spear, are an okay idea. But the hope is no enemy will engage, but in the slight off-chance towards maybe the beginning of the game, they would be great.

Goblin Cleaver is an amazing idea, as it will almost certainly finish off any enemy that does engage.

Guarded cards would help. I was thinking more along the lines of Stone of Elostirion, The Arkenstone, and Necklace of Girion, and Sting, rather than Durin's Axe and some of the others.

great idea, i never even once thought about Fast Hitch on Bilbo Baggins, with Sting, and a Spear of the Citadel.

I was trying to think about card draw, but I didn't know what to do with that. I think if I go with three Song of Kings, 3 Sneak Attack, and 3 Gandalf. But I need maybe a more permanent solution. Another idea I had was keep the Song of Travel, but include 3 Elven-light, and 3 Protector of Lórien. And put Steward of Gondor on the hero with Protector of Lórien and Song of Travel, so I can keep pulling back cards.

If I was playing multiplayer with this deck, I would leave steward for someone else, but in single player, I'm going to take it as it is such a powerful card.

I'll post the new deck soon.

Thanks for all the tips! :)

Feb 08, 2021 GreenWizard 268

Feb 08, 2021 GreenWizard 268

That's the new decklist. Thanks for your help guys. Don't be afraid to comment on the new one if there's something that should be changed.

Feb 08, 2021 Truck 1162

Here's my awful version that needs suggestions

Feb 08, 2021 GreenWizard 268

@Truck Yours isn't awful. It's actually pretty good with the cards that you have.