Sylvan Prototype: Double Discount

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BeestThouNotInHaste 178

Even though I don't have the full Ring Maker Cycle, I thought it would be fun to make a sylvan deck.

Strategy: Get some questing allies in play, then use the Took or sylvan shenanigans to ready Prince Imrahil when needed.

Mulligan for Isengard Messenger in solo, can't quest without it. In multiplayer, O Lorien helps the deck more.

Resource Acceleration: O' Lorien + Grima means -2 cost to sylvans. Just to show how nuts this is, get keys in play, and you can drop Rumil every turn. Keys will usually go on Grima, as lore is expensive in this deck.

Card Draw: Gleowine. Galadhrim Minstrel is a really good target for the sylvan events, as she is cheap, and fetches more sylvan events.

Questing: Quest with Imrahil and Grima every turn. Committing lots of allies to the quest is also a good idea.

Defending: Defender of the Naith is somewhat tanky with an elven mail, use Feigned Voices to stun big enemies if you don't have a chump, or defend with Imrahil with Protector of Lorien in a pinch.

Attacking: Legolas + Imrahil kills most enemies, but a Silverlode Archer or Rumil can help against bigger enemies.

Weaknesses: Takes forever to get started.